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Ottoman Storage Units from Dunelm Mill

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Ottoman storage units are quickly becoming a popular addition to most homes. Whether contemporary or traditional an ottoman storage unit will be the perfect addition. Available in a range of sizes, colours and materials these storage units will provide both functionality and style.

  1. What is an ottoman storage unit?
  2. Benefits of an ottoman storage unit
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What is an ottoman storage unit?

A ottoman storage unit is described as a rectangular storage box with a flip lid. The outside of the box is often upholstered in a coloured fabric, from a vibrant red to a subtle cream, the options and styles are endless. Ottoman storage units can be used in any room of the home as they provide extra storage space, however, the most popular room in the home is the bedroom as they provide additional space for towels or bedding.

Benefits of an ottoman storage unit

Additional storage space
One of the key and most obvious benefits of an ottoman is the additional storage space that this product provides. Whether you crave a touch more space to keep your towels and bedding or alternatively long for a stylish storage unit to store your kids’ toys; an ottoman storage unit is the perfect product. These space saving units can be used in a whole host of situations, from living rooms to bedrooms and everywhere in-between.

Stylish addition to your home
Ottomans are one of the most stylish storage additions in a home. The sleek rectangular design will store all of your products in the most contemporary and stylish manner. Ottomans are often purchased so that they fit subtly with the existing decor of a room, alternatively the colour of the ottoman can be used as a vibrant and colourful addition to the room. If the ottoman is destined for the master bedroom then a subtle cream or light brown shade is often preferred however if the storage unit is set to be placed in a child’s bedroom or playroom then a bright red or blue may be a beautiful vibrant addition.

Ottoman storage units are often considered to be a relatively affordable product. The quality of the material and design used in the composition of the ottomans mean that the product looks stylish whilst also being a durable and practical addition to the room.

Space Saving
Many alternative storage solutions are often larger units and so consequently have a tendency to take up extra space in a room. Alternatives include a chest of drawers, bedside tables, storage boxes and wardrobes. However, the ottoman can be neatly placed at the bottom of the bed, is relatively small and can also double up as a small bench or seat. The perfect addition for rooms that may be short on space.

Ottoman storage care instructions

The materials used in the composition of an ottoman storage unit can vary vastly, consequently, we provide detailed product specific cleaning and care instructions with all of our ottoman storage units. The correct levels of care and cleaning can help to keep the storage boxes looking their best for many years to come.