V Shaped Pillow Guide from Dunelm Mill

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These pillows are characterised by their V shaped design which was created in order to supply an extra level of support to the neck. These types of pillows are popular with people who suffer from neck and upper back aches and pains.

  1. Aspects to consider when purchasing a v shaped pillow
  2. Why use a v shaped pillow?
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Aspects to consider when purchasing a v shaped pillow

Neck Support
As mentioned above a key purpose of the v shaped pillow is to act as additional support for the neck. These pillows are used either as an extra layer of comfort in bed or as a neck rest in a high backed chair. The specially designed shape of the v shaped cushion help to caress the neck in a supportive and comforting manner which should hopefully lead to the user experiencing lessening amounts of neck and upper back ache.

The comfort levels experienced with this type of pillow are second to none. The shape of the pillow means that the neck is snugly cushioned with a soft yet supportive material, whilst the size and shape mean that the cushion won’t feel claustrophobic as the opening of the V will lead outwards towards the shoulders.

V shaped pillows are designed to be placed very close to the face and so consequently it is important that any allergies are taken into consideration when looking to purchase this style of cushion. If you are an allergy sufferer then this style of pillow is available here at Dunelm Mill in a hypoallergenic material.

V shaped pillows have become a lot more popular in recent years as they seem to be a successful solution to some aches and pains experienced during sleep. However, just because the pillow is required to be shaped in a certain way does not mean that fashion needs to be sacrificed. There are many different pillow colours and designs available on the market today, often at no extra cost to the standard white option. Many people opt to complement their existing bedding with a vibrant or contrasting coloured v shaped pillow.

Why use a v shaped pillow?

There are many different reasons that people opt to use this design of pillow. A popular reason is to help improve the comfort felt during sleep. People who suffer from neck or back problems often find the extra level of support received from the shape of the pillow can help to ease pain and ensure they get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

However, people also opt to use these cushions for extra neck support on a high backed chair or as a sleeping aid on a plane or train when travelling long distances. If there is one thing that all of these uses have in common it is the craving for comfort and support during sleep.

V Shaped Pillow Care Instructions

There are a variety of different v shaped pillows available on the market today and so consequently there is no one simple rule to follow in order to help maintain the quality and lifespan of the pillow. Consequently, each of our v shaped pillow products are accompanied by product specific cleaning and care instructions.