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Kid’s Chairs Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Chairs are one of the most practical and recognisable furniture items in the home. They can be used in many different rooms, be it as a dining chair, reading chair, sofa, dressing table stool or a breakfast bar chair, the options are endless. With the frequency of use and functional properties of the chair there is no surprise that there has been an increase in demand for kid’s chairs.

  1. Characteristics of a Kid’s Chair
  2. Types of Kid’s Chairs
  3. Kid’s Chairs Care Instructions
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Characteristics of a Kid’s Chair

Kid’s chairs, as with full size chairs, are characterised by a flat surface which is often supported by 3 or 4 legs. This is a very basic chair design and other styled options are often a great deal more elaborate. The only way in which a basic chair design differs to a kid’s chair is in height and size. Obviously a key aspect to a child’s seat is that it is composed of suitable dimensions, to allow children to use the chair without the help of adults. Obviously, kid’s chairs are available in just about as many different varieties as normal sized chairs, from kid’s tub chairs to kid’s stools as well as foldable chairs. Chairs are generally designed to seat one person however certain seating options such as a sofa will happily seat two or more people.

Types of Kid’s Chairs

Kid’s Tub Chairs
Here at Dunelm Mill we have an adorable range of kid’s tub chairs, the perfect addition to any family home. These faux leather kid's tub chairs are an exact replica of our popular full sized leather tub chair range, the only difference being the size! These miniature tub chairs are the perfect way to make your child feel like a little adult and will look lovely when placed next to the adult version. This type of kid’s chair is an exceptionally stylish and luxurious looking item of furniture. The chair will equally suit the main living room or a playroom. Our fantastic range of children’s tub chairs is available in a wide variety of colours from traditional brown leather to an array of pastel shades.

Kid’s Bean Chairs
Kid’s beanbag chairs are a slightly more relaxed alternative to the kid’s tub chair. This chair is made up of normal beanbag material but is shaped as a soft armchair. This is an ideal option if extra seating is required for the children or as a fun addition to their bedroom. The majority of our kid’s beanbag chairs come with a detachable cover that can often be machine washed helping to keep the seat looking its best for longer. These child size beanbag chairs are available in a wide range of stylish and colourful designs perfect for young children.

Kid’s Play Table and Chairs
Young children have the best imagination and will happily spend hours in their rooms with friends making up new games, acting out shows or simply drawing pictures. This is where a play table and chairs becomes a very useful addition to a bedroom or playroom. The table and chairs are small enough to comfortably sit two children whilst ensuring that they don’t dominate the room. It will also help to encourage the young ones to sit and draw at the table as opposed to on the carpets or leaning against walls!

Kid’s Chair Care Instructions

There are many different children’s chairs available in our furniture range and so consequently there is no simple rule for cleaning and caring for the products. This is why each of our kid’s chairs are accompanied by individual product specific cleaning and care instructions.