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Lined Curtains Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Lined curtains are a very popular option throughout many households in the UK. They are thicker and of a higher quality than unlined curtains yet more economical than blackout or thermal curtains. Lined curtains offer a more structured and neat window dressing than unlined curtains as the extra weight from the lining helps the curtains to hang effortlessly at the window. This extra layer of lining will also help in part to protect against cold draughts and sunlight entering the room.

  1. Why choose lined curtains?
  2. Aspects to consider when purchasing lined curtains
  3. Lined Curtain Care Instructions
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Why choose lined curtains?

Lined curtains are a great addition to any room, they offer style, class and privacy, all key aspects for a window dressing. Furthermore, lined curtains are a great product to use in the home throughout all seasons. In the summer, the extra layer of material attached to the backing of the curtain will help to block out any unwanted sunrays or street lights. Likewise, during the winter the lining will also offer an extra layer of protection against any cold draughts that may enter the home through the window panes. Lined curtains are available in a range of styles and designs and can also benefit from being teamed with a contrasting or complementary blind, helping to create the ideal look for your window.

Aspects to consider when purchasing lined curtains

As mentioned above, lined curtains are the ideal window dressing option if you require the use of these curtains all year round. Many people will often switch between thermal curtains or unlined curtains depending on the season. However, this can be rather costly and time consuming, consequently a pair of lined curtains may be the perfect option. These types of curtains are great at helping to keep out excess light whilst also fighting against cold draughts. However, if what you crave is total darkness and a thick layer of lining to protect against the cold then a blackout or thermal curtain may be more suitable. For the majority of windows however, lined curtains are an adequate and stylish addition and can even be used in doorways.

The size of curtain that you require is always a very important aspect to consider when looking to purchase a pair of lined curtains. Often the larger the curtain the more expensive, however, it is important to carefully measure the window pane to ensure that you buy an adequately sized curtain. Lined curtains are suitable for all sized windows and are often found in all different rooms of the home.

Since lined curtains are one of the most popular composition of curtains available on the market today, there are many different style and design options, from bold and vibrant block colours to floral patterns or natural shades. Whatever the style and design of your home, you’re sure to find a perfect match. The important aspect to consider when looking at colour schemes is whether or not the curtain is going to act as a focal point to the room or whether it is more of a subtle background piece.

Complementary Products
Once you have decided upon the overall style, design and look of your curtains, it is then necessary to look into the available curtain accessories. These can be things as simple as a tieback to help perfect the look of your curtains at the window. However, there are more extravagant options such as a matching roller or roman blind as well as an ornately designed curtain pole. Each additional element that is added to your window frame can help to create a truly personalised look for your room.

Lined Curtain Care Instructions

There are many different styles, designs and materials available for the lined curtains range and so consequently it is important to follow the individual product specific cleaning and care instructions that are supplied with each pair of lined curtains.