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Mirrors are a beautiful product, both practical and stylish; they have the ability to totally transform any room in an instant. Mirrors reflect the light and decor of a room creating an increased feeling of space. In darker rooms, try placing a mirror in a position that will catch the light from a window, this will help to increase the amount of natural light in your room and hopefully reduce the need to use artificial lights. Mirrors are also a great addition to narrow corridors or landings as they can help to create the illusion of space in these traditionally small areas.

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Mirror Range

Here at Dunelm Mill we specialise in both traditional and contemporary mirrors all in a variety of shapes and sizes. Mirrors are a product that can be used in every single room of the home; bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and even halls. The broad use of mirrors in the home means that it is vital that you choose the most suitable style. We have a wide variety of mirror styles available, below are a selection of our most popular.

  • Full length mirrors
  • Framed Mirrors
  • Bevelled Mirrors
  • Table top Mirrors
  • Florence Collection Triple Mirror

Benefits of Mirrors

Many people consider mirrors to be a purely functional product. However, this is far from the truth at Dunelm Mill. Our collection of mirrors come in a wide range of shapes and sizes each of which have their own characteristics, be it simple and sophisticated, stylish and ornate or even decorative and colourful, these days, mirrors are far from being solely a practical item. As well as being a big hit in the interior design market, mirrors have many other benefits, some of which are listed below.

  • Adds a sense of light and space to any room
  • Adds a touch of personality to a room
  • Practical; can be used to check your appearance

Mirror Care Instructions

At Dunelm Mill we are very proud of our mirror collections. However, to keep them looking their best please follow these simple instructions.

  • Always ensure that your mirror has been securely fitted to the wall
  • Avoid placing your mirror behind any doors or drawers where it could get damaged
  • Always clean with a fresh duster and glass cleaner
  • Always follow the care instructions that are supplied with your mirror