Buying Guide for Bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a place of pampering with gorgeous fluffy bath towels and luxurious bath robes. Create a colour coordinated look with matching bath mats and pedestal mats. Accessorise with shower curtains in every colour and tonal bathroom furniture, then dress with attractive and practical bathroom accessories like practical laundry baskets to transform a basic bathroom into the ultimate in boutique hotel chic.

Bath Towels and Bath Robes
Coloured Towels Robes

From over 30 fabulous towel ranges, you'll find the perfect towels to create your personal spa. Opt for plain, patterned, coloured or classic white. And don't forget to add matching soft bath robes for your bathroom, wet room or ensuite.

Our favourite towel buying tip is to select all the towel sizes you need initially. Buy wash cloths, hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets at once to be sure of a perfect colour match, as matching colours later can be difficult. A towel is designed to dry you quickly, so our super absorbent 100% cotton is the best material to choose.

The finest quality towels are pure Egyptian cotton, not only sumptuously soft and gentle, but surprisingly long lasting too. For the ultimate bath time treat, choose our Hotel Collection, heavyweight Egyptian cotton to give you sheer towelling luxury.

Towels come in different GSM (grams per square meter). This indicates the density of the material. The higher the GSM, the thicker and heavier the towel. A towel with high GSM like our 800 GSM Hotel Collection is perfect for luxury, yet when it comes to a swimming towel, you should pick a towel with a lower GSM so it’s light and easy to pack. Some of our towels come in combed cotton. The combing process increases softness by removing smaller fibres to reduce shedding.

You'll get even longer life from our towels if you follow our guide to Caring for Bath towels, Bath Robes and Bath Mats

Bath and Pedestal Mats
Bath and Pedestal Mats

A bath mat cossets your feet in comfort when you step out of the bath or shower. A soft absorbent bath mat also gives you a safer non-slip surface. And it's so much easier to dry than your carpet or floor.

A pretty pedestal mat helps keep your bathroom clean and hygienic. It protects the carpet or tiles around your toilet and just needs a quick wash to be clean and fresh again.

Shower Curtains
Shower Curtains

Our shower curtains provide a decorative finishing touch to your bathroom, a splash of colour to complement your décor, towels and curtains - but most importantly protect your floor from splashes, which may cause damage. Our luxury shower curtains feature rustproof eyelets and a weighted hem so the curtain hangs perfectly.

Our ingenious 4 way shower curtain kits take the fiddle out of fitting. Easily adjust to fit into most bathrooms, straight, L-shaped, U-shaped or corner fitting. Our full range includes many different shower curtain styles and finishes of curtains rails for a quick and easy fit. Simply twist the pole and lock into place. No need for tools, drilling or screws.

For a cleverly coordinated look, most of our shower curtains have matching towels and sometimes bath mats too. Tie in with tonal bath robes and pick out curtains and rugs in similar shades for a totally pulled together look.

Bathroom Furniture and Accessories
Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom furniture keeps your bathroom clutter free with our specially selected range of purpose built bathroom shelves and drawers. Choose calming and natural white or neutral shades of cane and rattan.

Our linen racks in robust cane have removable basket shelves ideal for hideaway organisation and storage. Our rattan units, made from an Asian vine-like palm, have open shelves, perfect to show off plants or to keep all your toiletries to hand.

We also have complete ranges of co-ordinating bathroom furniture, from our simple, traditional Eden Range in cool white to our contemporary wood and metal Elements Range ideal for a modern look that opens up a smaller bathroom. And for those all-important finishing touches, accessorise with our range of toilet roll holders and brushes, towel rails, bathroom shelving and bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom Scales
Bathroom Scales

Our bathroom scales help you watch your weight in style with a comprehensive range to suit your bathroom décor. Select your perfect bathroom scales from ultra modern electronic, with clear LCD display, to traditional mechanical, with large easy to read dial. Most scales have a choice of imperial (pounds/stone) or metric (grams/kilograms).

For greater accuracy, choose body fat analysers for your bathroom. They do more than bathroom scales, as in addition to measuring your weight; they calculate your body fat.

Caring for Bath Towels, Bath Robes and Bath Mats

  • All of our towels and bath robes are machine washable.
  • Avoid using fabric conditioner for the first few washes on cotton towels as theyshed naturally.
  • Try to avoid over using fabric conditioners with your towels as they decrease absorbency.
  • Wash deep coloured towels and robes separately as their colour may bleed a little in the first few washes.
  • Keep your towels and bath robes soft and fluffy by tumble drying them on a low setting.
  • Avoid ironing towels and bathrobes as it flattens the fibres and reduces absorbency.
  • Our bath mats and pedestal mats are machine washable and can be tumble or line dried.
  • If you catch a towel, snip off the pulled loop with sharp scissors to prevent it pulling further.


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