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Blackout material can be used on many different sorts of window dressings, namely blinds and curtains. The blackout material can either be purchased as a separate entity to the window dressing or purchased as one readymade piece such as a blackout blind. People often opt to use this type of blackout material in a bedroom, where the benefits of darkness can be truly appreciated.

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Blackout material specifications

Blackout material is a very poplar type of fabric for children’s bedrooms. The light controlling benefits of this type of material make them a fantastic addition to a child’s window. Notonly will the material help to blockout light but the additional thick layer of fabric that will be added to your window dressing will also help to regulate the temperature of your room. This will mean a reduction in the number of chilly draughts that enter your child’s window during the cold winter months whilst also ensuring it stays cool during the summer.

Types of blackout material

Blackout curtains
Blackout material is commonly used with curtains. This is often a popular choice as the blackout material can be bought separately from the pair of curtains, allowing you to neatly attach the extra layer of fabric to the curtain when required and then remove at a later date. It is also possible to purchased ready lined curtains which are available with the blackout material already attached. This is perhaps a simpler option as the curtains will be ready to hang as soon as you get them home, without having to worry about attaching the blackout material yourself. Blackout curtains are also the ideal accompaniment to a blind. The blind will trap the majority of light whilst the curtain will ensure that no cold draughts enter the home. A blind and curtain combination will also add a touch of luxury and class to your window with the extra layer of cascading fabric really helping to frame the window.

Blackout roller blinds
Blackout material is often added to the backing of a roller blind. This type of blind makes the perfect addition to a bedroom window, its sleek and simple design will help to blockout any unwanted light whilst also create a stylish yet subtle statement at your window. Roller blinds will suit most windows and are often used in the master bedroom as the blackout qualities of these blinds help to create a dark and serene atmosphere, perfect for getting an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Blackout material
Blackout material can be used in any number of window dressings and can be kept stored away for when required. People often use blackout material during the summer months when the sunlight tends to shine through the windows a touch earlier than they would like to wake up. The addition of blackout material at the windows will help to ensure that the room stays darker for longer allowing you to enjoy an undisturbed night’s rest.

Blackout material care instructions

All of our blackout material items are accompanied by an individual product specific cleaning and care instruction guide to help keeping your fabric looking great for longer.