13.5 tog duvet

Are you susceptible to the cold during the winter months? If so, investing in one of our brilliant 13.5 tog duvets is a strong foundation for a successful night’s sleep.

During the cold winter months, having a 13.5 tog quilt will keep you cosy and warm, thus avoiding those sneaky chills from disturbing your sleep patterns. If you really want to be covered for all occasions, we recommend also owning an autumn and summer duvet. Our partner duvet sets offer dual tog ratings, allowing you and your partner to sleep at your own ideal temperatures, helping to ensure a fantastic sleep for you both.

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Having a washable feature for your duvet is also very convenient as well as economical and many of our duvets are machine washable. Allergies affecting the comfort levels of sleep can also be a thing of the past with our anti-allergy duvets and bedding protectors providing the protection you need for sleep without the worry of sniffles or any breathing issues.

Available online to purchase today our 13.5 tog duvets will keep you perfectly cosy whilst wrapping you in warmth, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

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