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Floral rugs are the perfect way to add a touch of interest and charm to your flooring without becoming an overly dominant element of the room. Whether you love an ornately beautiful flowery design or crave the simplicity of a single poppy you are sure to find the perfect combination of colour and floral pattern in our wide range of modern and traditional rugs here at Dunelm Mill.

  1. What is a floral rug?
  2. Aspects to consider when purchasing a floral rug
  3. Floral rug care
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What is a floral rug?

Floral rugs are evidently characterised by their flowery design, however, there are many different varieties of this type of flooring available on the market today. A very popular style is that of a single elegant flower displayed on a neutral background of short pile material. This style of floral rug is often popular with contemporary designed homes where the neutrality of the colour mixed in with the stylish and elegant lone flower adds an unrivalled feel of luxury and interest to a room without becoming an exaggerated focal point. There are also a whole host of different floral designs available, suitable for a variety of decors from an oriental inspired floral pattern to a very popular poppy style.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a floral rug

The style of rug selected is a key consideration. It is important to consider the role of the rug in terms of the existing décor in your room. If you wish it to act as a key focal point to your room then perhaps a large floral pattern in a bright colour may be the perfect addition. If however, your room is slightly smaller and would look engulfed by such a bright and large flowery pattern then perhaps a more discreet floral inspired rug in a neutral design would suffice. A very popular floral design at the minute is the poppy style rug. The vibrant shades of red and green on a backdrop of beige can help to bring many different colours in a room together. This style of floral rug would work wonderfully with a neutral shade carpet or wooden floor, dark red plain curtains and some wooden furniture such as a coffee table or bookcase. In this setting the floral poppy rug would add a true splash of colour whilst also ensuring that the flooring has an additional layer of comfort and luxury. The perfect way to update any room without breaking the budget.

The size of the rug that you choose will very much depend upon which room it is destined for, a lounge will often require a much larger rug and can act as a focal point to the overall design. However, a floral rug in a hallway will often be more of a long rectangular shape, in which case a floral runner rug would be the ideal option. There are many different size and shaped rugs available on the market today so it is vital to ensure that you measure your available space prior to making a final purchase to ensure that the rug looks perfectly at home in your room.

The colour of a rug is always an important consideration. There are many different colour options available in the floral rug range, from a vibrant flowery design ideal for a neutral room, to a natural shaded poppy design and even a dark red coloured oriental flower themed rug. There is a multitude of options available in our floral range here at Dunelm Mill so you’re sure to find the ideal colour match for your home.

The price of the rug is often one of the first considerations and an aspect that can help decide on the final selection before purchase. In general, the larger the rug and the more luxurious the material, the higher the price. However, it is important that you are happy with all of the aspects of the rug from the size, floral design, material and colour because even if the price maybe slightly more than envisaged, this is a product that can be used for many years to come, making it a one off investment that you and your family can benefit from for a long time.

Floral rug care

As mentioned above, floral rugs are available in many different materials and so consequently there are a variety of different ways to clean these flooring items. This is why each of our floral rugs are accompanied by product specific cleaning and care instructions to help keep your rug looking its best for many years.