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Christmas lights are one of the most magical aspects of the festive period. They light up your home in a miraculous way and help to create a joyful atmosphere. Christmas is a time of year when you can totally redecorate your home in the most outlandish way and the neighbours won’t even bat an eyelid. The type of Christmas lighting used throughout the home can vary from a select few fairy lights draped around the Christmas tree to a gigantic light up snowman on your roof; you can really go to town and help the whole neighbourhood get in the Christmas spirit.

  1. The History of Christmas Lights
  2. Types of Christmas Lights
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The History of Christmas Lights

The Christmas tree has been a popular and common sight throughout homes in the UK during the festive period for centuries. These trees were originally decorated with candles, a relatively expensive and dangerous product at the time. However, this is where the use of light to decorate a tree has stemmed from, nowadays we tend to opt for fairy lights – a much safer and more economical option. However, Christmas candles were taken through several stages of progression until the fairy light was created. Initially the candles were placed in lantern light containers, presumably to reduce the risk of fires or any candle related accidents in the home. As technology progressed so did the use of lighting and eventually electric lights were introduced into the Christmas decorations market. These Christmas lights are now quite impressive decorations, available in a range of different colours and with the ability to intermittently flash on and off they create a beautiful festive display.

Types of Christmas Lights

Centuries ago the only Christmas lighting option available was candles. Nowadays however, we are spoilt for choice, with a wide array of lighting available on the market just waiting for us to add a touch of sparkle to our homes.

Fairy Lights
Fairy lights are perhaps one of the most simple types of Christmas lights, however they are also one of the most popular and traditional forms of lighting. This style of light can be used inside the home; on the Christmas tree and draped around the room. Alternatively, they can also be used as a way of decorating the exterior of your house; on garden trees or as a decorative way to frame your windows. In fact, fairy lights are so popular that their use is not just restricted to the festive period. They are often seen used in bedrooms or living rooms as a relaxing and atmospheric alternative to regular lights.

Light Up Snowman
There is nothing quite like a light up snowman decoration to get you and the whole family in the Christmas spirit. These jolly and comical luminous figures are a great way to add a touch of personality to your garden or living room. These types of light up creations are often extremely popular with young children as they can be engrossed by their favourite make believe characters and will really help them to get excited about Santa’s visit. These light up figures are a common sight on the Christmas lighting market and are often available in the form of a snowman, Santa Claus and even a reindeer!

Christmas Light Tree

Years ago the only available option for a Christmas tree was to have a real fir tree in your home. This is still a popular choice throughout homes in the UK however; there are now several artificial choices. These artificial trees have become a well liked alternative to real trees, there are many reasons for this; limited space available to display the tree, real trees will often make a mess of your home by dropping pine needles as well as the fact that an artificial tree can be used year after year so is perhaps a more economical choice. Artificial trees can often be decorated in the same way as a real tree with electric fairy lights, however there are also Christmas light trees available. These trees are actually lights themselves with the ‘branches’ and ‘leaves’ being made up of LED material. These types of trees have become exceptionally fashionable products and are available in a range of colours from plain white to red and green.

Christmas Light Care Instructions

Christmas lights are a relatively easy product to use, all that is required is to display as desired and plug into the mains socket. However, when it comes to care and maintenance of these products, each individual item type will have different requirements, that is why all of our Christmas lighting products are accompanied by their own set of product specific care and maintenance instructions.