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Pillowcases Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Pillowcases are a great staple of the British bedding collection. They are not only a practical and hygienic addition to the bed but also a very stylish option. There are many different sizes, shapes and designs available on the market today all offering a unique and stylish look for your bed.

  1. Aspects to consider when purchasing a pillowcase
  2. Why use a pillowcase
  3. Pillowcase Care Instructions
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Aspects to consider when purchasing a pillowcase

There are now varying sizes of pillows available on the bedding market, each with their own qualities and benefits. A popular trend at the minute is that of the large square pillow. These cubic cushions are often used as an extra layer of comfort to prop you up against the headboard when sat up in bed reading or drinking a lovely warm cup of tea. These squares pillows are also a very fashionable addition to a bed as they provide some cushioning for the other smaller pillows to rest during the day. This type of pillow is therefore often used as a stylish fashion accessory and less as a functional product. However, whether it’s a practical addition or not, the large square pillows still require a vibrant and stylish pillowcase. It is vital that the size of the pillowcase corresponds to that of the pillow itself otherwise you risk having a very squashed and lumpy looking pillow instead of the stylish fashion statement you were hoping for.

There are of course a wealth of normal bed sized pillow cases which are traditionally a rectangular shape and are predominantly used as a head supporting cushion as opposed to a fashion accessory.

Design and Colour
As mentioned above pillows and cushions are now extremely fashionable products and are not just confined for use on a bed. They are often found in lounges, sitting rooms, dining rooms and of course the bedroom. With such a high demand for pillows comes an equally high plea for some stylish pillowcases. Nowadays, there are so many different colours available from vibrant block colours to chic pastel shades. There are also many different designs and styles with patterns and images that can act as a true centrepiece to a room, whilst simultaneously updating a tired looking cushion.

Pillowcases are such versatile products that they can be used in many different ways from a practical cover for a bed pillow to a relatively economical way of updating an old looking cushion. The perfect way to inject a splash of colour and style into your room even if you’re on a budget.

Why use a pillowcase?

Pillowcases are common sight throughout all homes in the UK. The principal use of the cover is to protect the pillow from the everyday use that it is exposed to and help to try and prolong the life of the cushion. Furthermore, pillowcases are a very hygienic addition to the bedding set. They have the ability to trap a high majority of the dust, hair and general dirt that may be present in the bed and stop these from entering and permeating the pillow. The pillowcase can then be cleaned, often in a normal household washing machine, on a regular occasion helping kill any germs and remove dirt particles.

Pillowcase Care Instructions

Since all pillowcases are different, the cleaning instructions will also vary. With this in mind we provide all of our pillowcases with individual product specific cleaning and care instructions to help you get the most out of your product.