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Ceiling lights are a very familiar sight throughout homes in the UK. Available in a range of sizes and styles, this design of light fixture can really help to create the perfect ambiance for your room. One of the key benefits of ceiling lights is that they complement all rooms, from kitchens to living rooms, bathrooms to bedrooms; this style of light will leave your room perfectly lit and full of style.

  1. What is a Ceiling Light?
  2. History of Ceiling Lights
  3. Why Choose a Ceiling Light?
  4. Important Aspects to Consider When Purchasing a Ceiling Light
  5. Ceiling Light Care Instructions
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What is a Ceiling Light?

This style of light is characterised by the mounting fixtures attached to the ceiling of a room. Ceiling lights can range from small and simple enclosed lights to decorative ornate chandeliers. The type of room that you place your ceiling light in will very much depend on the style of light you choose. If you crave a touch of opulence and luxury to your dining room, then a decorative chandelier may be the most suitable. If however, practicality is of high importance in your kitchen or bathroom, then a simple chic design may be the most appropriate choice.

History of Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights have been a familiar sight in UK homes for centuries. The look and design of the lights may have changed however; the purpose and general style has remained the same. Originally, in the 14th century, ceiling lights were characterised by a selection of candles that emitted light into a room. This style of ceiling light is most akin to that of a very basic chandelier; however, even if the design was some what different to today's ceiling lights, the purpose of the light remained the same; to act as a main source of light for a room. Towards the 19th century, candles became a less common form of ceiling light as the popularity of gas and crystal glass lights grew. Nowadays, this type of ornate ceiling light is used more for decoration than practicality. Often a streamline lighting fixture is mounted to the ceiling in order to maintain a good level of light throughout your room.

Why Choose a Ceiling Light?

Ceiling lights are principally a functional product. Used in every room of the home they create a much needed main source of light. The practicality of these lights make them the perfect choice for a kitchen. The kitchen is often a very busy room of a family home, with kids running around, pets tripping you up, pots to wash – all before you even contemplate cooking. All of these aspects highlight the importance of having a well lit and functional lighting source. This is where a simple and compact ceiling light becomes very useful. This design of light will take up limited space and takes little or no maintenance. However, if you have a beautiful living room with a luxurious and stylish feel then perhaps a classic and ornate chandelier would be the perfect lighting option for your home. Chandeliers can act as a real centrepiece to your room and are often considered to be a great conversation starter. By incorporating such a luxurious product into your room you will be making a real statement and adding a true splash of personality to your home. A hanging ceiling light such as this will look gorgeous in your home; however, they will also require some much needed TLC. Due to the nature of the product, this style of ceiling light may need to be dusted on a regular basis in order to maintain the beautiful reflective sheen that you get with this style of light.

Important Aspects to Consider when Purchasing a Ceiling Light

Purchasing a ceiling light may initially seem like a straight forward task. However, delve a little deeper and you may see that there are many different aspects to take into consideration when choosing the perfect lighting fixture for your home. If you are looking to add a ceiling light to a room that is used for entertaining and relaxing, then maybe a more elaborate ceiling light would be most appropriate. In this style of room, a ceiling light can be used as a decorative piece and the practicality of the product is perhaps second to style. However, if the room is more of a study area and somewhere in which the presence of light is of great importance, then a more structured and simple light fitting would be the preferred option. Built with practicality in mind our beautiful range of simple ceiling lights will provide a maximum level of light whilst also creating a contemporary and minimalistic style. If however, all you crave for your home is a simple light fitting then a ceiling light with a form of pendant shade would be the perfect option. Practical, stylish and economical this design of lighting will match most rooms and most decors.

Ceiling Light Care Instructions

Here at Dunelm Mill we’re very proud of our stunning range of ceiling lights. These light fixtures should require a limited amount of cleaning and care, however, a light dust may be necessary from time to time. All of our ceiling lights are accompanied by product specific care instructions.