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Curtain Accessory Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Initially you may think that shopping for curtains is a relatively simple task, all you need to do is choose the colour and design and then purchase the correct size. However, there is a lot more to curtain shopping than you may imagine. The above aspects are all key parts in the purchase of your curtains, as the colour, design and size are the most striking characteristics of a curtain. However, it is possible to add a touch of personality to your window dressings with the addition of curtain accessories. By tailoring your finished curtain design to your taste it helps to create a feeling of individuality in your room.

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Curtain Accessories Specifications

There are several different types of curtain accessories from which you can choose, from ornate curtain brackets to stylish holdbacks, decorative finials to classic curtain hooks, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The type and design of fabric that you choose for your curtains should help to highlight the most suitable style of curtain accessory. If your curtains are bright and flamboyant then it might be a good idea to counteract the design of the curtains with a simple, yet classic finial. However, if you have opted for a subtle and plain style of curtain then a decorative curtain hook range may be the perfect way for you to add a touch of style to your windows.

Types of Curtain Accessories

Curtain Finials
Finials are both a practical and decorative curtain accessory. The function of a finial is to provide a stopping point on the pole or track to prevent the curtain from sliding off of the end when being opened. Whilst the functionality of curtain finials is a key purpose of the accessory, the design and style of these items cannot be underestimated. There are numerous different fashion modes associated with curtain finials, from gothic architectural finials to contemporary minimalistic designs meaning that you can find the perfect curtain finial style whether your home is classic and traditional or sleek and modern.

Curtain Rings
Curtain rings are designed to hold all different shaped, design and sized curtains on to the curtain pole, this is even the case for shower curtains as they are attached to the shower rail in much the same way. Curtain rings may initially seem like a relatively basic accessory for your windows, after all, they connect the curtain to the pole. However, there are many different styles and colours available which will help you to team your curtains with the ideal look for the tops of your curtains. Our fantastic range of curtain hooks comes in a natural pine coloured wood, contemporary white, stylish metallic and traditional brass. The size of your curtain rings are also a necessary consideration. The size of the rings used will depend on where the curtains sit at your window, a larger ring will mean that your curtains are slightly lower down than a smaller ring. If you want your curtain pole or rail to be a real feature at your window then a larger curtain ring would allow you to see more of the design and colour of the pole.

Curtain Holdbacks
Curtain holdbacks add the perfect finishing touch to your windows. They are an extremely fashionable product as they can create a very ornate and classic look to your curtains. Available in a range of styles they can really help to create a look of luxury. The curtain tiebacks scoop the middle of the curtain to one side and securely fit and hold the curtain in place with the holdback fixture. This means that the curtains can create a soft material frame around your windows which helps to create a cosy and warm look to your room. This look is often very popular in living rooms as the ornate and luxury touch that is created with a curtain holdback is most suited to this style of room.

Curtain Accessories Care Instructions

Curtain accessories are a very low maintenance product and do not require much cleaning. Often the only care needed for this type of product is a light dust. However, each of our individual curtain accessory products are accompanied by their own specific care instructions.