TV stand buying guide

The first television set was introduced into the UK market in the late 1920s. Originally, TVs were only available in black and white, however, over time the transmission technology has vastly improved and is now available in colour as well as HD. A television set is a very technical piece of equipment and can often be rather pricey, this is why it is important to invest in a suitable TV stand for the type and design of television set that you have in your home.

Nowadays, TV stands are viewed as an in-home necessity. Available in a range of styles, shapes and materials the choice of television stands available on today's market is endless.

  • Corner TV units are a much admired style in the UK. A key aspect to this particular design is the way in which the stand will fit snugly into the corner of your room, thus helping to maximise the space available in your home. The corner TV stand is often a popular choice for smaller rooms as no space will be wasted when displaying your TV. This design of television unit is also frequently favoured over a wall mount stand as this can often be perceived as a more 'risky' way in which to present your TV system, especially if you have a young family running around and bumping into walls! Mounting your TV onto the wall is often not a recommended approach if you are renting your home, the fixtures needed to hold the television in place can often leave large and unsightly holes in the wall, which more often than not can lead to a reduction in the deposit returned to you once you vacate the property. This is where a corner unit will be the perfect option for your TV, the stand won't leave any kind of marks or scuffs on your walls or floor and can easily be packed away and taken with you if you move house.
  • If you are lucky enough to benefit from a large living room then our fantastic range of straight 'table like' TV units are the perfect option. These stands act more as a focal point to your room and can be used not only to display your TV but also as a place in which to put decorative items such as photo frames and ornamental candles. Since the position of the TV stand usually dictates the angle and location of all other living room furniture items it is important that the TV unit looks stylish and sleek in order to keep in sync with the rest of your room. This is where our beautifully crafted wooden TV stands will be the perfect addition to your room, a real talking piece that helps to add a touch of class to your home. The straight television stands can also be a useful storage item in your room as they often come with a few drawers or cubby holes in which you can place DVDs or TV cables that you don't want on show.
  • Rooms come in all different shapes and sizes with their very own unique nooks and crannies that, whilst adding a touch of true character to your home can also become slightly irritating when trying to buy furniture! This is why we have a stunning set of hexagonal TV units available. This product has proved a popular purchase as it helps to fit into some of the most unusual shaped rooms whilst still maximising on the space and room available. This style of TV stand is almost a mixture of the qualities of the corner and straight unit; it holds all of the space saving qualities of the corner stands whilst profiting from the storage space associated with the straight units.
  • Sateen bed linen is usuall-tvy made of 100% cotton with an additional sheen creating a lustrous surface with a soft feel, the perfect material for a quality night's sleep. The material's sheen is created by using a product specific weaving method. Sateen fabric has a lot to offer with its wide range of colours and patterns, however it is often considered to be a less hardwearing fabric than other materials such as Percale. The reason for this is the softness and silkiness of the product often means that the cleaning process needs to be slightly gentler than that of other more durable fabrics.

The benefits of TV stands are vast, used initially as a display unit; the safety factor that these items provide cannot be overlooked. Nowadays, TVs come in many different shapes, sizes, functionality and perhaps most of all, cost. In general, the higher the specification of your TV, the higher the price, with this in mind it is vital that, whether in use or not, your TV is displayed in a practical and safe manner. All of the TV stands available in our range are made of solid wood and are built with safety and sturdiness in mind. There are obviously also a few everyday aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Key points include positioning your TV in a place that won't easily be bashed by children or pets as they go about their day to day activities. Aside from safety, a great benefit of having a TV stand is that they can really help to add a touch of style and class to your room, not merely a practical product, these units can help to enhance the look and feel of your room whilst providing a core functionality.

  • TV stands are exceptionally low maintenance products. In general the only items living on these units are televisions so hopefully the only cleaning required would be a light dust. However, in case of any unexpected spillages or marks a product specific cleaning guide will be provided with each TV unit purchased.

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