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Mattress Protector Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Mattress protectors are a great product that are simple to use, very economical, easy to clean and can help increase the lifespan of your existing mattress. Mattress protectors are often also referred to as a mattress topper or mattress under pad.

  1. Purpose of a mattress protector
  2. Types of mattress protectors
  3. Mattress Protector Care Instructions
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Purpose of a mattress protector

There are many different reasons that people choose to invest in a mattress protector, however outlined below are two of the most popular uses for this bedding topper.

Mattress Protection
Mattresses are a relatively expensive item to purchase and not a product that most people would enjoy replacing on a regular occasion. Consequently, many people opt to use a mattress protector as an extra layer on top of the existing mattress to help protect it from the everyday wear and tear that beds and bedding items receive. Due to the material of a mattress they tend to absorb any liquid quickly which can’t otherwise be easily removed. This will permeate the mattress and tend to stay within the material indefinitely. This is not an ideal situation as the mattress could become stained and potentially slightly pungent. This is where the use of a waterproof mattress protector can be very handy. The mattress protector is often easily cleaned and will hopefully receive the majority of any spillages, thus protecting the mattress from any permanent damage. Mattress toppers or protectors are usually easily cleaned and can be used time and time again making them a very economical purchase.

Mattress protectors are also often used to add an extra layer of comfort to their bed. These toppers are usually found on old or cheaper mattresses where the springs may become slightly more prominent in the mattress than desired. The topper will help to increase comfort levels and add a real sense of luxury to any mattress.

Health and cleanliness
As we have already mentioned, mattresses are exceptionally hard products to clean due to their size and composition. It is often possible to give the mattress a light hoover to remove any dust particles from the top level of the product however you can’t permeate the entire mattress and many dust particles or spillages may remain within the mattress. Our bodies are often used to a certain level of dust since we are constantly surrounded by it, however, there are many allergy sufferers who need to try and ensure that as little dust is present in the bedroom as possible. This is where a mattress protector is extremely useful. It provides a protective layer for your mattress that will help to collect the majority of the dust particles whilst also reducing the amount of liquid that can escape into the mattress’ core. This mattress protector can then be removed and washed meaning that a clean layer can once again be placed on the bed as a protective top level. It is often advised to purchase two or three bedding protectors so that your mattress can always be protected even if you are presently washing the previous topper.

Types of mattress protectors

Bedding protectors are very popular products with people of all ages. There are many different types, sizes and materials available and can often be found in a variety of thickness levels depending on the purpose of the topper. Parents will often invest in a waterproof mattress topper for their young children. The impermeable aspects of this topper make them ideal for children who are perhaps still being potty trained or who have a tendency to spill drinks in the bed. Many people buy these bedding protectors to increase comfort levels and so consequently a topper composed of memory foam material will often satisfy luxury and comfort levels. Finally, a thermal fleece like protector might be required in order to add an extra layer of warmth to the bed on those cold winter months.

Mattress Protector Care Instructions

There are many different mattress protectors available on the market today in a multitude of different materials. Consequently, the care and cleaning instructions required for this product can vastly vary. Each of our mattress protectors are provided with an individual product specific cleaning instruction list.