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Pink curtains are traditionally considered to be a somewhat feminine window dressing. However, depending on the shade of pink and the material used, these curtains can look relatively neutral with merely a warm shade of pink twinkling at the window. There are many different types of pink curtains available on the market today in a whole host of styles, colours, designs and material types. This guide aims to take you through the most popular designs to help you make the perfect curtain choice for your home.

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  2. Benefits of pink curtains
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Types of pink curtains

Pink eyelet curtains
Pink eyelet curtains are a very fashionable addition to your home. The key characteristics of this type of curtain are the circular hoops that are attached to the top section of the material which allows the curtain to neatly hang on the pole. Eyelet curtains are often considered to be one of the most contemporary and fashionable types of drape on the market today. The pink shade of these eyelet curtains merely acts as a further way in which to modernise the window dressing. The pink colour however, need not be an overly dominant feature of your curtains, many people tend to opt for a pink floral eyelet curtain or a pink pattern on top of a plain material that will act as a point of interest to your window.

Pink pencil pleat curtains
Pencil pleat curtains are generally considered to be a more traditional style of window dressing. This curtain is characterised by the way in which the material is pinched together at the top of the curtain and threaded on to a track in order for the curtain to hang neatly at a window. Once again the pink shade is a very popular choice with this style of curtain, the classic design on the drape combined with the modern colour make this window dressing the perfect way to add a touch of contemporary glamour to an otherwise traditional décor without it seeming out of place.

Pink lined curtains
There are many different aspects that need to be considered when purchasing curtains. Once the colour and style of curtain has been selected then the lining type needs to be considered. There are many different types of curtain lining available on the market today, all with their own unique qualities. An unlined curtain will offer little resistance to powerful sunrays, however it will act as a stylish addition to your room and can also easily be teamed with a roller or venetian blind. Thermal lined curtains will act as a means to keep out any unwanted cold draughts that may seep through the window panes. This type of lining is ideal for those chilly winter months when outside air may be attempting to creep into your home. Finally, blackout lining is a very popular addition to a curtain, especially when used in a bedroom. This blackout material is designed to blockout sunlight from entering a room through the window pane, making them an ideal addition to a young child’s bedroom who may wish to sleep in the middle of the day.

Benefits of pink curtains

Pink curtains have many different benefits. They will act as a stylish addition to your room by incorporating a modern and vibrant colour into your home whilst also providing a functional service. The addition of curtains at your window will help to block out any unwanted sunrays, create a feeling of privacy in your home whilst also helping to combat any cold streams of air that may seep through the window panes.

Pink curtain care instructions

Here at Dunelm Mill we have a wide range of curtains available in a whole host of different materials and styles. Consequently, each of our pink curtains are provided with product specific cleaning and care instructions to help keep them looking their best for many years to come.