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Chest of Drawers Guide from Dunelm Mill

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A chest of drawers is a very practical and useful bedroom furniture item. They are traditionally used to store items of clothing that won’t easily become creased such as a woolly jumper or underwear. Chest of drawers are available in many different sizes, colours, designs and materials so finding the right one for your home should be a relatively simple task.

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  2. Types of Chest of Drawers
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Chest of Drawers Background

A chest of drawers is perhaps the most popular and common term used for this item of furniture, however, they can also be known as a dresser or bureau. Chest of drawers are characterised by the parallel layers of drawers that are positioned horizontally across the furniture item. There is usually a flat straight surface at the top of the chest of drawers that can act as a handy and practical place to store useful small items such as an alarm clock or more decorative pieces such as a photo frame or jewellery stand.

Although a set of drawers are traditionally used to store specific clothing items, nowadays they are also commonly used to store important documents such as passports or banking paperwork. It is also quite common for people to purchase some small and stylish boxes that slide neatly into the drawers and act as separators within the available drawer space. This will allow for easy storage of things like jewellery or little nic nacs that might otherwise get lost in the enormity of the drawer.

A chest of drawers is frequently accompanied by a wardrobe, matching colours and materials are often available to complement the two products. These two bedroom furniture items are ideal sister products as the wardrobe provides a space to neatly hang clothes that are easily creased whereas the chest of drawers enables smaller items such as socks to be placed in the drawers without risking getting lost amongst other larger clothing items.

Chest of drawers are available in many different sizes, in general the larger the cabinet the more drawers present in the chest. However as a general rule a standard chest of drawers would have around 4 large drawers and this is generally considered an adequate amount of storage space for clothes. These products are usually composed of wood as this is a very sturdy and hardwearing material, however there are also chest of drawers on the market that have been made from alternative materials such as metal, which tends to be used more as a fashion statement than a practical purpose.

Since the essence of a chest of drawers is to be a practical place to store clothes, the style of these products is generally very simple. However, there are often a selection of more ornate versions available on the market today that will include an element of wood carving that creates an illusion of class, style and luxury to this otherwise simple furniture item.

Types of Chest of Drawers

Wooden Chest of Drawers
This is the traditional style of chest of drawers that has been discussed above in great detail. This product would offer a great sense of traditional style and panache to your room whilst ensuring that the product is hardwearing and sturdy.

Mirrored Chest of Drawers
The mirrored chest of drawers range has become extremely popular over the past few months following the trend and popularity of mirror fronted shiny bedroom furniture. These mirrored chest of drawers are the perfect option if your bedroom is slightly lacking in space as the light will be reflected off the mirrored material and will help to create the illusion of light and space. This piece of furniture is a true fashion item and will need to be cared for more than a wooden chest of drawers, the main reason for this is that the material is more likely to break if accidentally struck by a door or suitcase and so this is perhaps not a furniture item that would be suitable for a child’s bedroom.

White Chest of Drawers
White furniture items are very fashionable products with the new vintage inspired distressed furniture look leading the trend these white chest of drawers are in high demand. These products will look stunning in a girls bedroom as the white colouring with help to create a light and delicate feel to the room whilst still providing all of the functional aspects that would be expected of the chest of drawers.

Chest of Drawers Care Instructions

There are many different materials involved in the composition of the various different chest of drawer styles. This is why we provide individual product specific cleaning instructions with every chest of drawers purchased.