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Lights are available in all different shapes and sizes, so choosing the right one for your home can prove to be a tad tricky. However, if chosen correctly a beautiful light fixture can help to create the perfect atmosphere for your room. One of the best styles of lighting for creating a soft yet stylish feel to your home is wall lights. These lights are subtle but stylish and help to add the perfect level of lighting to your room without being too much of a dominant feature.

  1. What is a Wall Light?
  2. The Popularity of Wall Lights
  3. Why Choose a Wall Light?
  4. Important Aspects to Consider When Purchasing a Wall Light
  5. Wall Light Care Instructions
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What is a Wall Light?

The essence of a wall light is very similar to that of all other lights, they exist to provide a dark room with a source of light, whilst simultaneously helping to complement the existing decor and style. As clearly stated in the name, a wall light is mounted on to any wall in your room and helps to provide a subtle yet necessary form of lighting. Wall lights are often favoured over ceiling lights as they emit a softer and more relaxed feel to your room due to the less imposing lighting structure. Wall lights are available in many different styles and shapes from classic to modern, ornate to simple, making the decision process a lot longer than you might have originally expected!

The Popularity of Wall Lights

Wall lights are now widely available throughout the UK. The history of this style of lighting fixture does not date back as far as some of the more traditional light styles such as the ceiling light. However, they have become increasingly popular over the last few decades. Wall lights are also known as a ‘sconce’ and can be found in numerous rooms throughout the home, most popularly in the living room. Wall lights are perfect if you want to brighten up a dark corner of a room, they fit neatly on to the wall without the need for any unsightly wires or cables. The beauty of wall lights is that you can have as many or as few as you desire. If your room is large with several walls then you may opt to have a set of wall lights on each wall, however, if your room is relatively small and already has an abundance of natural light then maybe one or two sets of lights will suffice.

Why Choose a Wall Light?

Wall lights are a fantastic invention. More subtle and stylish than a standard ceiling light but more compact than a lamp. Often if you crave a soft and relaxing light then a lamp is the first choice that is considered, however the benefits of wall lights should not be underestimated. Lamps are usually accompanied by a small table on which the light is placed. However, this might not always be the most appropriate form of light source; the area that the lamp and table will occupy can really begin to dominate your room, especially if you are already short on space. Also lamps usually have to be controlled at the base or wire so a central light fitting function would not be possible. Most wall lights can usually be controlled in much the same way as a ceiling light, allowing you to switch the wall lights on as soon as you enter a room. They often can also be used with a dimmer switch allowing you to control the brightness of the light that is emitted from the fitting.

Important Aspects to Consider when Purchasing a Wall Light

As a general rule, wall lights are suitable for most circumstances. However, there are a few situations when wall lights might not be the ideal lighting choice. A key example of this is in the bathroom or study. This style of lighting fixture might not be considered a suitable choice for these rooms as they don’t offer any resistance to water or have a cord control option, furthermore, they might not offer adequate light for a study or room that has limited natural light. It is also important to consider if the design of your wall light will complement your existing decor or whether your room may be more suited to a different style and design of lighting.

Wall Light Care Instructions

Here at Dunelm Mill we have a wide range of wall lights. As with any light fitting, wall lights take very little maintenance, often a light dust should do the trick. However, each of our wall light products are accompanied by a set of product specific cleaning instructions to help keep your light looking it’s best for years to come.