Deputy Chairman

Will Adderley
Will Adderley, CEO The whole company is getting better and working smarter

My parents started this business. I’m proud to be a part of it. And while we’ve grown over the years, I’m also proud to say the family values on which the company are built still hold firm. In fact, it’s because of them we’ve enjoyed such success.

Every single day I still learn something new. I’ve developed a great deal, and I’m not alone. The whole company is continually getting better and working smarter.

Being a good boss is vitally important to me. It’s a big responsibility, and one I enjoy. It’s about good leadership and being a worthy representative of the company. Perhaps most of all, it’s about never forgetting what’s most important – making our customers happy.

I love seeing a Dunelm store in action. And it’s always a great feeling to open a new store too. Our stores reflect all the hard work everyone in our business has put in; everyone from distribution and manufacturing to our head office teams and those on the front line of customer service. It’s a brilliant place to see how much progress people are making.

Our can do attitude makes us different. We love what we do here – and that’s hands-on retailing. I believe it’s an approach that will see us continue to achieve a great deal.

Never stop improving. You could say that’s the company mantra. There’s a genuine desire to realise new goals. That’s probably because everyone here has the opportunity to make a difference and be noticed.

In a family business, family comes first. So if you were to ask me what makes me feel at home, it’s the wife and kids every time.


  • Deputy Chairman